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Start with a coupon for one free Whataburger with purchase of large
fries and drink.

Add bacon, cheese, and jalapeƱos.

Pay tax.

Get $0.73 back from $7.00 cash.

For the sake of reference, a standard combo with the same
additions/Whatasizing would have cost me $7.11. Whatabargain!

Spring has sprung

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Spring has sprung, originally uploaded by tkaspar.

I wish I could spend every day like today at the Crown & Anchor.

Failure pile in a sadness bowl

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Failure pile in a sadness bowl, originally uploaded by tkaspar.

Finally tried a KFC "famous bowl" today. It had a hair in it. That
didn't deter me, as that was probably the item with the most
nutritional value.

It's MS 150 Weekend

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And I'm not there.

The Wheels of Love are on the road by now.  The early start feels brutal at the time, but is well worth it to get ahead of the crowds.  As long as you don't have three flats in the first ten miles, that is.

Colby had a great post about what the weekend (and cycling) are all about. I'll revisit this post later today and share more of what it means to me. 

Since I won't be on the bike and all.

Today's fillup special

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Today's fillup special, originally uploaded by tkaspar.

Too much to ask...

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The combination of low light, poor contrast, and motion are a little much for a cell phone camera to overcome. 

Fortunately my photographic memory can inform you that the sticker flanking the mock exhaust pipe in the bed of this truck reads:

Not Fast...But Feariuos

It's true.  He was feariuosly tailgating people all the way into Austin from Hamilton Pool Road.

Too much to ask..., originally uploaded by tkaspar.

Sure it is.

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Nanci Griffith's "Everything's comin' up roses" is never a safe choice first thing Monday morning. Especially when a new supposedly benign network appliance decides to start handing out IP addresses and hoses multiple s/w suites simultaneously.

Window Washing

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Window Washing, originally uploaded by tkaspar.

Is always a little disconcerting when you're on the fifth floor.