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happy thanksgiving

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Hope you're getting to spend yours with friends or family, enjoying some of your favorite foods.
If you are or if you aren't, take a moment to enjoy what you've got. In fact, do that every day.

my kind of brain teaser

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playing a stream of consciousness type game with some friends of mine...the two posts at 4:09 p.m. were entered practically at the same time by myself and a friend who I share a brain with.
Check it out...and perhaps get involved

'tis the season

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for people to ask me what I want for my birthday. Given that Christmas follows closely after combined with my tendency to buy things for myself, this is a tough question to answer.

Texas vs. Georgia

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Is still in progress. This is the first time I've paid much attention to basketball before the end of football season, but TJ Ford is too good to ignore.
It looks like the team is getting used to game speed again, Georgia definitely came to play. I think once our defense gets set a little better and the offense gets the ball in the paint we should be in good shape.

wonder where this came from?

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Last night's dreams were dominated by having my car worked on. Not all that surprising, given the events of Monday night.
[real life]While I was at dinner after my softball game, someone bashed the driver's side door of my car and drove off without leaving any info. Pretty chickenshit thing to do. I'm still waiting to hear back from the insurance company. For some reason my claim got assigned to their Houston office, even though I'm two and a half hours away.[/real life]
My "dream car" was some giant jaguar/Rolls Royce hybrid. I pulled it into the dealership to get the dent fixed, and they kept coming back to me with problem after problem. Bad wipers. Engine troubles. Unofficial hood ornament.
While I was waiting for the one thing I actually needed fixed, I played a pickup football game in the dealership parking lot. I eventually gave up on the dealer and tried to pull the dent out using some handheld suction device (not a toilet plunger, more of a giant hypodermic needle).
There was also an unconnected quest dream, but I can't remember enough details to be interesting.

ooo ooo wee oo

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Katz's never kloses

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And they serve great food. Although I'm not sure what I was thinking, expecting cream gravy on my pot roast at a NY style deli.
Good to get out and have lunch with some friends. Even better to enjoy the great weather today.