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now THIS is driving excitement

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of the worst kind...

November just seems to be a bad month for me and my car. Last year on 11/12 someone hit it while it was parked near El Arroyo. This year I hit a stationary target on the 15th.

I was driving down Enfield on my to campus to set up the tailgate party for the Tech game. Dropped my Chik-Fil-A nuggets (stupid, stupid, stupid - I wasn't even hungry and I never get nuggets anyway), let go of the wheel, and swerved into the curb. Fortunately no one close in the oncoming lane when I over-corrected and swerved into it.

Looks like the damage is going to total almost $2000...hoping insurance comes through and our premiums don't take a jump. Looks like I'll have to wait until the end of the week for an answer.

Thankfully I wasn't hurt and didn't hurt anyone else, but I'm still upset at myself for driving dumb. Hopefully this will be a reminder to be more creful.


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The first item on my Christmas list

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latest spam techniques

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I've finally gotten my spam filters fine-tuned well enough that only one or two messages is making it to my inbox each day. There's still a few false-positives ending up in my Spam folder, but that number is decreasing as time goes on.

Whenever a message goes into the Spam folder that isn't automatically marked for deletion from the server, I take a look at it to see if there's anything unique that I can filter on for the next time. The message I just opened up contained the following hidden words, apparently to evade filtering:

amongst phosphate nipple look chance checkpoint shareholder spikenard advocacy germantown bangkok opt binomial disgustful pail woven vertigo visitation bucknell calypso ascent commission mutandis symphonic couple bloody loath allusion atwater mizar pontiff chart epitome guildhall plankton transferor izvestia sachs damascus tragic catch pinto cartography rasa intoxicant levy pollster berenices camp turbojet valois cherokee infest snakebird approbation halide diehard coyote yearn knockout snowflake military irritable defecate nurture intervenor noisy

By posting that list, I think my site will now be a result for any possible Google search.