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I'm just going to break down and ask...

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If you're viewing this site from Belleville High School (home of the Battlin' Buffs), would you mind either posting a comment or sending me an email? I'm curious about who you are.


Free SPAM®ples

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I met Mary Alice at the Old Pecan Street Arts Festival yesterday and browsed the booths for a couple of hours. On our way back west, I saw a vision in blue and yellow, the existence of which I never could have imagined. Everyone's heard of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, but did you know that it has a companion in the processed meat-on-wheels fleet? If not, allow me to introduce the SPAM®Mobile

The SPAM® slice on hot dog bun was a nice complement to the normal festival offerings of funnel cakes, roasted nuts, and alligator/shrimp/chicken/stick on a stick. I resisted the offer to "take as many as I wanted" and helped myself to a single 2x2 square, instantly meeting my RDA for sodium and modified potato starch. I am also the proud owner of two "SPAM® Singles", one Classic and one Oven Roasted Turkey. Both are labeled as "Crazy Tasty", which pretty well describes the state of mind I'm in when I get around to eating them. Each also provides a handy "Idea O'Wheel", offering tempting possibilities for that day I'm insane and crack them open. There's actually so much good content on the back that I'll have to throw them on the scanner sometime this week so you can see that I'm not making statements like this up:

"Because pie is not easy! Unless you make a pie from SPAM® Singles. It could work, maybe."

Until that day, here's their photos from Austin's own SPAMARAMA™