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in espaƱol, por favor

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My spanish skills are apparently more rusty than I realized. I was driving to Ganado Saturday morning and decided to pick up some breakfast tacos on the way. I wanted to hit Mr. Taco in Lockhart, but figured I'd get there right as they stopped serving breakfast.

I pulled into Porfirio's Tacos on 183 across from Bergstrom in a pretty good mood. Good enough that I wanted to wish the guy at the counter a good morning. Which I did by saying "buenos noches!". I didn't realize my error until getting back into my car.

To all my spanish teachers, both high school and college, I apologize. To all spanish speakers, whenever you meet the gringo that can't tell night from day, it's probably me.

200 cents

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I don't know if I've been sleeping better lately or what, but my dreams have returned over the last few weeks. I've finally gotten through a stretch of either not dreaming vividly or totally forgetting them by the time I woke up.

Just wanted to record a few images before tonight's installment.

Odin (of the pantheon of Norse gods) was somehow going to end the world as we know it by making a $2 purchase at Kincer's drive-in grocery in Ganado. Apocalypse was triggered by paying with pennies.

To attempt to stop him I had to escape imprisonment by driving out in a Russian Honda plane-car.

Right before my alarm went off, I attended a Snoop Dogg sound check at the Texas Union. The assembled crowd was not impressed that I had attended a Cracker/Collective Soul double bill there the last week.