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best five song set ever

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Every March South by Southwest takes over Austin, and every year I say I'm going to make it more of a priority. I still haven't been able to fully immerse myself in music, but tonight I went to a mini-show that I'm thankful I didn't miss.

I've been a Cracker fan since Kerosene Hat was released, and have since gotten my hands on some Camper Van Beethoven material as well as purchasing every subsequent Cracker family release. When I received an email that David Lowery and Johnny Hickman were playing several shows for SXSW, I made it a priority to attend at least one. And I picked the right one.

After doing their own stage setup and sound check, "Cracker Unplugged" played five of my absolute favorite songs:
All Her Favorite Fruit
Big Dipper
One Fine Day
Eurotrash Girl
Duty Free

Even though it was a stripped down performance, I was blown away. I regret not catching them all the other times they've passed through town, but I won't make that mistake again.

After the show, I headed to Casino el Camino for dinner. I had attempted to order a burger beforehand, but the wait was so long that I just decided to come back afterward. I beat the rush - about 15 people got in line after me, pushing the delay upwards of two hours. Thankfully, the showing of Braindead / Dead - Alive finished before I got my food. It's tough to eat a 3/4 lb burger while watching zombie heads puree-ing in a blender.

coasting downhill

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This post is long overdue (sorry, Nick). About three weeks ago I took the plunge and seriously upgraded from my starter bike.