Too much to ask...

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The combination of low light, poor contrast, and motion are a little much for a cell phone camera to overcome. 

Fortunately my photographic memory can inform you that the sticker flanking the mock exhaust pipe in the bed of this truck reads:

Not Fast...But Feariuos

It's true.  He was feariuosly tailgating people all the way into Austin from Hamilton Pool Road.

Too much to ask..., originally uploaded by tkaspar.

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mhawktx Author Profile Page said:

Man, that reminds me. Yesterday when I was driving to lunch, I saw a truck with a funny bumper sticker. The guy must have been an antique dealer or something, cuz he had a sticker that said "I brake for junk". Wow. Should have had one that said "please whip out your junk when I drive by". Yeesh.

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