How to spend $6.27 on a free Whataburger

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Start with a coupon for one free Whataburger with purchase of large
fries and drink.

Add bacon, cheese, and jalapeƱos.

Pay tax.

Get $0.73 back from $7.00 cash.

For the sake of reference, a standard combo with the same
additions/Whatasizing would have cost me $7.11. Whatabargain!

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mhawktx Author Profile Page said:

Dude....failure whataburger. Starting to worry about your diet. :-)

Travis said:

And I haven't even posted the pic from Crown & Anchor on Monday yet. Seeing as that's my third bacon cheeseburger since Saturday, I may need an intervention.

Colby said:

at least you're consistent.

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