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college football is underway

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Yes, I know that the first games were played last weekend, but it doesn't really count until Texas gets going.

for those of you coming from foshdawg...

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Feel free to post comments here. Feedback on the site, compliments, criticisms, whatever.

I'm just getting this set up, and while it's close to how I want it, I'm always up for new design ideas. Got a lot checking out some of yours, probably.

just what I needed to hear

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First words out of my radio when my alarm went off this morning:
"You don't have to go to work! You can stay at home!"

I was pretty much convinced, but there's always the chance that someone will bring in Krispy Kremes on Friday.

A four day weekend sure does sound nice though.

It's about time.

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I'm at it yet again

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But I think now I just need to fix the templates and I'm done.
Still waiting for that bug to crop up that destroys everything, though.

still tinkering

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trying to auto-build comments pages. Don't know why it's so important to me...


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Nothing quite as cohesive as last night...most of the events focused on getting to my brother's Naval commissioning ceremony on time. The only catch was that it was being held in rural Pennsylvania.

haircuts and talking dogs

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I've been getting a lot of questions and comments about growing my hair out...a few compliments, some people saying I've lost my clean-cut image, and some wondering when I plan to end this experiment and just cut it all off.

the real question is...

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Will I spend more time configuring this thing than I will actually posting to it?

I hope that's not the case.

But it probably will be.


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Blew the whole thing away and started over...need to get the templates uploaded again now.