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Bear vs. the cows

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We took a trip out to Horseshoe Bay for Mary Alice's pre-birthday and Bear got introduced to the Jackson's latest project.  He wasn't quite sure what to think, as he kept running up in approach, barking a few times, and then zooming by.  Mary Alice thinks he may have been trying to herd them, which I would have paid money to see the result of. 
Quite possibly to a vet.

More pictures after the break.

Blogging from the iPhone

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Blogging from the iPhone, originally uploaded by tkaspar.

Yeah, this could be doubly pointless.

The new inspiration

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I'll give b-dub credit, as he told me months ago I should start blogging again.  But there's nothing like getting an email saying, "Hey, your site is dead.  Can we use it?" to motivate you to crank things up.  Hopefully I can be a little more regular than every thirteen months.

I'm veering wildly from the original tone of the site, which was based on a Morphine song (as was the domain name).  Seeing as Daddy Needs a Drink is already registered, I'm resigned to settling for stealing the title from the Drive-By Truckers song and keeping my old address.

I have a lot of old posts that I want to generate, so keep an eye out for back-dated items.  Or check back in June of '09 and see if I've written anything at all.


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Is this thing on?  Seems like it's not.