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dang it's wet

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It's been raining, misting, or foggy for over a week straight. I feel like I've moved to Seattle or something. My dog is chewing on the carpet, furniture, and 90% of my socks. He's as bored of being inside as I am.
Come on down, cold front.

strange transitions

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Went from trying to tape a game on TV (Texas vs. Texas Tech) and having to rewire something inside my television to...
playing in the game, first on the football field, then in a weight room. Trying to explain to the quarterback (my old HS quarterback, Michael Sulak) how to fake the pitch and then reverse field to pick up the first down to...
being involved in some sort of espionage where my dog's brain was the storage facility for records on time travel experiments.

Where does the motivation go?

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I have all these things I want to post on here, dreams especially, but by the time I get to work I've already forgotten about doing it.
Is it writer's block? My office sucking the motivation out of me? Wondering if there's a point? Fall/winter onset apathy?
Who has the answer?
And why didn't I make my first sentence a question, for consistency's sake?

Assorted Flash Chicanery

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Punk Kittens - They ROCK!
Make sure you see the other oddities that are at the top level.