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runaway train of thought

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It started with an Academy flyer that I noticed in the pile of bi-weekly advertisements. In about five seconds, my mind had raced through the following thoughts:

Internal dialogue has been expanded into complete sentences for the sake of readability.

  • What about that shotgun you were thinking about getting for next dove season?
  • No, I'd rather spend that money on a new bike. Besides, I already have a shotgun.
  • Yeah, that's right, and I have enough other guns too.
  • Maybe I could sell one of my other guns to have more money to spend on the bike...
  • No, the only one that I don't really use that much is the SKS and it was practically a graduation gift from dad.
  • Hey, I bet I could find plans online to convert the SKS to fully automatic! I've been wanting to learn about machining!
  • You know, I'd really rather not do anything that would put me at risk to face federal weapons charges.