haircuts and talking dogs

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I've been getting a lot of questions and comments about growing my hair out...a few compliments, some people saying I've lost my clean-cut image, and some wondering when I plan to end this experiment and just cut it all off.

Given that, it's not odd that my dream last night had me back in my home town unrecognized by some of my old high school friends. One felt threatened by me until I reminded her who I was, and others just ignored me.

The talking dog didn't ignore me, though. I put him in a headlock when he wouldn't leave me alone. After I turned him loose, he proceeded to tell me (in a Spanish accent, which was odd, given that he was a terrier) how he really wanted to be trained. I came up with a system that involved dry cleaning hangers, which we always seem to have in abundance at the house.

Other parts I remember:
Every time I return home in my dreams, there's a bunch of shops on main street that have never been there, but seem to fit in very naturally. Too bad they'd never make it in the real world.

Ganado had apparently just been flooded, the creek that runs by my house was more like a river. Probably about 50 feet deep rather than the usual 2-5. The flood had damaged water heaters, seven hundred (in a town of 1700 people!) had to be replaced.

At one point, I was cruising the main drag in a school bus. It handled pretty well, maybe I should look into getting one.


test said:

you were so close

testing said:

what now?

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fred said:

testing yet again

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