college football is underway

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Yes, I know that the first games were played last weekend, but it doesn't really count until Texas gets going.

Nice to see Michigan come back to win vs. UW. Now if CSU can just hang on to beat Colorado, it will be a very good day.

The Texas/North Texas game today is a foregone conclusion, but I'm still really looking forward to it. Just want to see those guys on the field. It's been too long. The last game I attended was the Big XII championship disappointment, and I really want to finish putting that behind me.


tkaspar said:

Texas 27, North Texas 0
Well, the shutout was nice. Giving up 8 sacks and scoring no second half points wasn't. Overall, a decent start, especially compared to Colorado, Texas Tech, or Baylor.
Of course, if we actually compare anything about this season to Baylor, you won't be seeing any more posts from me.

Finn said:

Dunno about you, but I am TIRED.
Monday is pay bills, water trees, and NAP.

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