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it's been a while

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Somehow I'm 39.  Somehow I haven't updated this site in the last three and a half years.

A lot has changed.  Some hasn't. Most that has changed is for the better.  Some isn't.  I'm working on the latter for the next year seeing how 40 is coming up.

Here's a song...not quite a birthday song, but one that I enjoyed a lot over the last year.  The turkey reference is quite timely, if off by a few weeks.  Hope you like it as much as I do.


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I still haven't picked a birthday song for this year.  Well, I guess I kind of have.  This'll do until I can come up with something more appropriate.

Adios, Angus

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My iPod, which is much wiser in the ways of these things than I, cued this up right as I was driving by Key Bar on Saturday.

Rollin' By

Enjoy the trip - both literally and figuratively.

It's MS 150 Weekend

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And I'm not there.

The Wheels of Love are on the road by now.  The early start feels brutal at the time, but is well worth it to get ahead of the crowds.  As long as you don't have three flats in the first ten miles, that is.

Colby had a great post about what the weekend (and cycling) are all about. I'll revisit this post later today and share more of what it means to me. 

Since I won't be on the bike and all.

Window Washing

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Window Washing, originally uploaded by tkaspar.

Is always a little disconcerting when you're on the fifth floor.

bulky item collection

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is problematic for me. Twice a year, everyone but me puts stuff out on the curb for the city to pick up. Since I don't participate, the odds that I will come home with more items than I put out are very high.

This year I avoided scrounging for yard tools, broken appliances, and dated A/V equipement. Instead, I am now the proud owner of very used copies of The Odyssey, The Iliad, Euripides I, and Anne Frank's diary (not the original, unfortunately). We have just as much room on the bookshelf as we do in the shed.


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It's a little strange to spend my 30th birthday studying for finals. The inclement weather has voided my plans for a lunch beer and burger at the Crown and Anchor. But I'm going to the Rose Bowl in a month with my wonderful wife, some great friends, and my loving family. That trumps two more days of school and some freezing rain.

There's no conveniently-named Gin Blossoms song like last year, making this music selection a little tougher. This year, I've got a long way to get before I get back home.

I have never received an email like this before

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Subject: Urgent: Students touching bats near EPS


If you touched a bat near E.P. Schoch (EPS) on Tuesday, September 27, 2005, you need to immediately contact the Austin/Travis Country Health Services at ###-6055 or The Texas Department of State Health Services at ###-###-6744. If your phone contact is outside normal working hours, please leave a message and phone number. State "you were exposed to a bat Tuesday at UT-Austin and were advised to contact them." These messages are monitored and calls returned every few hours.

If you wish to talk to someone at UT Austin, please page ###-0911.

Contact information redacted

Bart Simpson - I will not fake rabies


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And you'd think I'd know better...

Been a damn fine birthday so far and it's only going to get better. Picked up some breakfast tacos at Garibaldi's on the way into work, enjoyed a Dixie Hot at Texicalli Grille courtesy of Tim and Brian, and in about two minutes I'm leaving work for Opal Divine's to meet Mary Alice and many friends and family for however long we can stand to have a good time.

Thanks mom, dad, and bro for the calls and everyone else (scally, Colby, Randy, Lisa, Brian, Omar, the list goes on and on) for the birthday wishes. Followups will be posted here whenever I can see again.

New speed record!

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Today I managed to go for a ride that was shorter than the time I spent preparing for it. I haven't patched the leak in my back tire yet, but I aired it up last night and it still seemed to be relatively firm today. I topped it off and headed up the hills. After about six blocks I decided to check and make sure it was still retaining air.

I'm new at this and all, but I'm pretty sure stuff isn't supposed to bubble through the sidewalls of my tires.

I headed back home and logged a ride for the record books.

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