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The first steak of the season

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I fired up the pit today in honor of the weather being so outstanding...I've grilled a few steaks on the Char-Broil in the last few months because I hate broiling them in the oven, but they just can't compare to what I cooked tonight.

I started baking the potatoes at about 6:45 and lit the charcoal shortly after. While the potatoes were baking, I set up my router that was a birthday gift from my friends coordinated by Mike (who had better update his domain registration).

I let the steaks (two New York Strips) warm up a little on the countertop before rubbing them with some Montreal Steak Seasoning. I just learned McCormick makes a spicy version, hey ya!

By the time I got the steaks on the grill, the coals had cooked down nicely but were still putting out plenty of heat. I had trimmed the fat from the beef, so I didn't have the annoying flare-ups that usually mar the finished product.

I threw some rolls in the oven as the baked potatoes finished cooking, doused some spinach with balsamic vinagrette dressing, and assembled a plate.

I opened the bottle of Seghesio Zinfandel (actually a 2000) that Mark gave me for my birthday in 2002 and enjoyed the best dinner that I've had in months. This bodes well for the rest of the spring and summer - Mary Alice says I may put Ruths Chris out of business. <grin>