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I am...

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... A Bar Code Reader!!!
Beep... $2.49!
You are a highly competent individual who has societal value whereever you go -- whether you are in the busy stores of Madison Avenue or the outposts of Burkina Faso, your ability to decipher the indecipherable brings praise and jealousy.
While some are put off by your occasional beeping, most find it subtly soothing. Do not be afraid to assert yourself -- your timidity is by no means an asset. To achieve success, however, never leave the philosophy of simple math that got you where you are today: the checkout counter.

PS - I was serious about being assertive: that skirt really is 30% off!!!

Take the Personality Quiz, brought to you by Mr. Poon.

I have a goal

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It's good to have goals...

I just signed up for the Lance Armstrong Foundation's Ride for the Roses. I'm currently in the 25 mile, 2-3 hour group. I hope to do better than that, but Mary Alice helped me realize that signing up for 40 miles with less than two months to train, conflicts with a class weekend, and a football game on October 16th might be a bad idea.

If anyone out there would like to make a donation to the cause, they can do so here. I'm fully paid up, but I know the Foundation appreciates any support it can get.

I'm looking forward to my first organized ride, as well as making my own little contribution to cancer survivorship and research.

Just call me Doc Octothorpe

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A man with a (rather pointless) mission

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And no, it's not me. - This Just In - Seeing the World on Ten Coffees a Day

I think I actually recognize the guy's face from the halls of Taylor. Does that count as name-dropping?

Infamous is when you're more than famous!

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It's always nice to have someone say you look like someone famous.

Well, almost always.

April Fool's!

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Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes Of All Time

I thought about making the link itself a hoax, but that's just not funny.

need a christmas gift?

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good reads

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At least if you're in my line of work...

Joel on Software - Lord Palmerston on Programming

Joel on Software - Painless Software Schedules

The Art of Unix Programming - I need this book.

Whenever I take the time to read about software and programming, it re-opens my eyes to how little I really know. It boggles the mind.

Do you realize?

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Brian has posted his first journal entry since Darin's passing on November 8th. Last night was the first time Brian and I had the chance to talk since the accident.

It's so hard to know what to say when someone dies. Especially when the person is so young and it happens so abruptly. It's so disruptive to the normal mindset that our friends are always going to be around and we'll get to experience all of life together.

I didn't really get to spend that much time with Darin until this summer, but I'm glad we were able to take so many ski trips. He was always a blast to have in the boat, even (or especially) when he and Brian couldn't agree how much distance to keep between us and the bank.

realize that life goes's hard to make the good things last

I'd heard that song for the first time this summer, but it took on a new meaning when I heard it again in November.

If at first you don't succeed...

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