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And you'd think I'd know better...

Been a damn fine birthday so far and it's only going to get better. Picked up some breakfast tacos at Garibaldi's on the way into work, enjoyed a Dixie Hot at Texicalli Grille courtesy of Tim and Brian, and in about two minutes I'm leaving work for Opal Divine's to meet Mary Alice and many friends and family for however long we can stand to have a good time.

Thanks mom, dad, and bro for the calls and everyone else (scally, Colby, Randy, Lisa, Brian, Omar, the list goes on and on) for the birthday wishes. Followups will be posted here whenever I can see again.


BrickHorn said:

Happy belated B-Day, Travis! I'll have to buy you a beer this summer to celebrate (6 months late, but better late than never). And, it is an absolute necessity that we play some disc golf at some point.

Happy Holidays!


Hawk said:

Same goes for me, my man. Happy late-ass birthday. Will have to have you over to the house again. Remember the homebrew? Well, we went ahead and picked up a couple of kegs, a used fridge, and a kegerator conversion kit. This evening, I walked into my garage and up to foresaid fridge, pulled back the tap, and poured myself a pint of oatmeal stout. It almost made up for the stupid football games today. Toodles.

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