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Welcome, my son

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I just retrieved a message from my Spam folder notifying me of 2004 Orientation for incoming University of Texas undergraduates. I appreciated the invitation, except for the fact that I have been admitted as a graduate student and the sender is apparently unaware of the "BCC" feature on her mail program. The message was directly addressed to 1533 people. I'm guessing that's not the entire incoming class for Spring 2004...the last address on the list is followed by a comma and I'm pretty sure it was cut off beyond that point.

I'm also guessing there were a few other people like me that should never have been sent the message in the first place. There are 310 of us with "utexas" email addresses. There probably aren't that many UT staff workers are starting college in the Spring.

I'm just glad to know I'll be part of an incoming class with "alwaysrightchica", "householdrobot", "isawyouonyourbike", "jesspoopoo", "lord_of_the_shire", "Losinsleepoveru", "monkeluvr2001", "OUCHMYFRIGGINLEG", "spitandglue", "thesebrokenwings", and "xyouthattackx".


The Pink Floyd song is no longer here, so I hope that's not what you came here for.

it was a great birthday

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So great, in fact, that I haven't had time to write about it till today.

I remember last year the weather was pretty lousy and everything just seemed really low-key.

The weekend started off with my office Christmas party - we had a casino night on Town Lake. I wish I'd thrown some bigger bets down, but overall it was a blast. Mary Alice claimed my Hillshire Farm gift pack while I was upstairs, so at least I won something.

Saturday I started putting up Christmas lights...just finished that tonight. Wrapped three of the oak trees in front and the deck railing in back. Hopefully I can take some pictures soon.

Saturday night a bunch of folks came over; let me see if I can list them...Mark, Sara(h?), Paul, Emma, Rolando, Cristina, Mike, Mimi, Jason, Ron, John, and David. Mary Alice made another great German Chocolate cake and Rolando brought Jaegermeister and Red Bull. Now that's a party. We got to watch KSU beat up on the Okies as well as demo my HDTV. Good stuff.

Sunday was recovery from Saturday. Mary Alice and I took pictures for Christmas cards, one should be on the way to you soon.

Monday morning I went to Holland to drop off the photos and hit TacoXpress on my way to work for a bacon, egg, and cheese and a migas taco. Outstanding.

Monday night I met Mike at the Stephen F. Austin for some Old Fashioned's and then went out with the bible study guys to BW3 and Buffalo Billiards. The last-minute comeback by Stockton and Malone on NBA Jam was one for the ages. My pool playing is better off fading into the past.