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200 cents

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I don't know if I've been sleeping better lately or what, but my dreams have returned over the last few weeks. I've finally gotten through a stretch of either not dreaming vividly or totally forgetting them by the time I woke up.

Just wanted to record a few images before tonight's installment.

Odin (of the pantheon of Norse gods) was somehow going to end the world as we know it by making a $2 purchase at Kincer's drive-in grocery in Ganado. Apocalypse was triggered by paying with pennies.

To attempt to stop him I had to escape imprisonment by driving out in a Russian Honda plane-car.

Right before my alarm went off, I attended a Snoop Dogg sound check at the Texas Union. The assembled crowd was not impressed that I had attended a Cracker/Collective Soul double bill there the last week.

The Seinfeld Terrorism Episode

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What's less funny? Watching an aged Seinfeld cast reunited, or listening to their commentary on the "Terrorism Episode"?

Thanks to the randomness of my mind, I got to see both last night. The episode centered around a terrorist plot to put cell members in police and EMS uniforms, thus creating havoc. Hilarity did not ensue.

There was an appearance by some Marine drill instructor type as Jerry's dad, and a "spy captured by the enemy" subplot.

The cast commentary consisted of George, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer sitting around a table saying, "wow, that was a really bad idea." George had hair, and Kramer looked like he'd aged about thirty years. Not a pretty sight.

I had a separate dream about visiting my parents and my dog eating a roadkill cow in the ditch, but that's a whole 'nother story.

gravel roads, magic knives, and peproni rolls

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Last night's dream was rather epic. The thread tying everything together was that I was some heroic character, pursuing some characters but being chased by others trying to keep me from achieving my destiny.
There were many separate vignettes:
Driving my car down a gravel road, losing control many times. My car had been hit in the parking lot (or I'd wrecked it before parking) and both fenders as well the rear end had been seriously damaged.
Attending a concert of some washed up 70's band and being robbed while there. Deciding to go to Double Dave's afterward for peproni rolls.
Driving through the streets of Mexico City trying to lose a car that was tailing me. Parking in the garage of some combined shopping center/hotel and getting a room in an attempt to escape the hoods that were trying to kill me. The hotel room was where I finally obtained the magic knife. It was some four-bladed device that was infinitely sharp. Once I got my hands on it, my enemies became much more cooperative.

give me my tickets, little man

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Something has caused my recent dreams to be much more emotionally charged. I keep waking up with the residual feelings that I've expressed in my sleep.
The last dream I had before waking up was one of standing in line. There was a crowd of well-dressed people in an old theater, so old that it seemed musty. The lines were not well-managed, people kept cutting in front of each other and me. By the time my wife and I got to the counter, we were already concerned about being late for whatever performance it was we were attending.
After shuffling through stacks of tickets and making a phone call, the kid behind the counter informed me that although they had a record of my purchase, my tickets were being held at Will Call in Edna (a small Texas town neighboring my hometown). I assured him (not calmly) that I had explicitly stated that I wanted the tickets held at this location, and I wanted them now.
After I realized getting angry was getting me nowhere (and also after sticking my head through the ticket window and shouting at the employee), I asked for the manager so I could at least be mad at someone in charge.
After about another 10 minutes, the manager finally found our tickets. They were in an envelope with my father-in-law's name on it. For some reason he had used our credit card recently, which transferred all our purchases into his name. The manager gave us a plate of chicken and mashed potatoes to make up for the mistake. We sat down to eat, but I worried the entire time about missing the first part of the show.
We never made it into the theater.

wonder where this came from?

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Last night's dreams were dominated by having my car worked on. Not all that surprising, given the events of Monday night.
[real life]While I was at dinner after my softball game, someone bashed the driver's side door of my car and drove off without leaving any info. Pretty chickenshit thing to do. I'm still waiting to hear back from the insurance company. For some reason my claim got assigned to their Houston office, even though I'm two and a half hours away.[/real life]
My "dream car" was some giant jaguar/Rolls Royce hybrid. I pulled it into the dealership to get the dent fixed, and they kept coming back to me with problem after problem. Bad wipers. Engine troubles. Unofficial hood ornament.
While I was waiting for the one thing I actually needed fixed, I played a pickup football game in the dealership parking lot. I eventually gave up on the dealer and tried to pull the dent out using some handheld suction device (not a toilet plunger, more of a giant hypodermic needle).
There was also an unconnected quest dream, but I can't remember enough details to be interesting.

strange transitions

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Went from trying to tape a game on TV (Texas vs. Texas Tech) and having to rewire something inside my television to...
playing in the game, first on the football field, then in a weight room. Trying to explain to the quarterback (my old HS quarterback, Michael Sulak) how to fake the pitch and then reverse field to pick up the first down to...
being involved in some sort of espionage where my dog's brain was the storage facility for records on time travel experiments.

lots of walking

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Started off on a tree-lined street with gothic looking homes. Ended up in a field where two kids pointed at the house on the boundary and warned me not to go near. I went, of course.


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Nothing quite as cohesive as last night...most of the events focused on getting to my brother's Naval commissioning ceremony on time. The only catch was that it was being held in rural Pennsylvania.

haircuts and talking dogs

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I've been getting a lot of questions and comments about growing my hair out...a few compliments, some people saying I've lost my clean-cut image, and some wondering when I plan to end this experiment and just cut it all off.

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