New speed record!

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Today I managed to go for a ride that was shorter than the time I spent preparing for it. I haven't patched the leak in my back tire yet, but I aired it up last night and it still seemed to be relatively firm today. I topped it off and headed up the hills. After about six blocks I decided to check and make sure it was still retaining air.

I'm new at this and all, but I'm pretty sure stuff isn't supposed to bubble through the sidewalls of my tires.

I headed back home and logged a ride for the record books.

[updated 9/2/2004]

My package from Nashbar finally came in last night.

1 Cateye Astrale 8 Computer
1 Topeak Aero Wedge
1 Innovations Slim Jim Pump/Inflator
1 Nashbar Big Red Floor Pump
3 Continental Road Tube
1 Cannondale Metro Jersey L
1 Nashbar Rim Strips R
1 Zefal Twin Gauge

The new tube was the first to go on, followed by the "Aero Wedge" (an underseat bag). I had to fight with the old tube a little, but the next one should go much more quickly. The gauge is pretty nice, it locks in the highest pressure until you reset it. I unpacked the Cateye, but I decided that it would take to long to install properly and it was already 10:00. That's a project for Sunday.

It's nice to not see that flat tire on the back every time I get home.

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