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back to school

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It's more than just an 80s movie starring Rodney Dangerfield, it's me in January.

I had been tracking my application status online, so I knew "unofficially" last Tuesday that I was in. The formal letter didn't arrive until Saturday, so had I not been checking online the first communication from UT regarding my application would have been the following email:


The 77th Texas Legislature (2001) recently required all public institutions of higher education in Texas to notify all new students about bacterial meningitis and to obtain confirmation from the students that they have received information about the disease. Prompt acknowledgement of receipt will prevent delays when you register for classes. There has been increased interest in vaccinations at UT Austin this semester as a result of the unfortunate death of one of our undergraduate students who died January 22 from meningococcal disease. This was an isoloated case and no other infections involving UT Austin students have been reported.

I'm glad to see that the bureaucratic machine hasn't changed much since I finished my bachelor's degree.