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is problematic for me. Twice a year, everyone but me puts stuff out on the curb for the city to pick up. Since I don't participate, the odds that I will come home with more items than I put out are very high.

This year I avoided scrounging for yard tools, broken appliances, and dated A/V equipement. Instead, I am now the proud owner of very used copies of The Odyssey, The Iliad, Euripides I, and Anne Frank's diary (not the original, unfortunately). We have just as much room on the bookshelf as we do in the shed.


Matt said:

Good snags! I've read bits and pieces of the iliad and the odyssey a long time ago (Mom was taking a Greek Mythology class), but never the whole thing. Pass those along when you're done. Also, don't know if you're familiar with Dan Simmons, but he's written an awesome series of sci fi books (Ilium and Olympos) based on the Odyssey. Really cool stuff.

Mom said:

Thou art thy father's son. :->

And thy mom's, too, since you picked up literature!

Rott said:

Seeing as how you are an engineer, I'll bet all of this year's poker winnings you don't finish a single one. :)

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