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Firebowl Cafe

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Ok, either a lot of people are hunting for a review of Firebowl Cafe or they really like my fortune cookie comments.

Here's both.

"You will be called upon to help a friend in trouble."

Well, Brian Raley called the other day with some photo gallery questions. And Brian Piasecki was laptop shopping last night and was asking my advice. But I don't think either one counts as trouble. But if that was it, that's the kind of trouble I can handle.

Now, the review.

I love Firebowl Cafe. We always go to the one on Brodie, as the one in Round Rock is about 45 minutes too far to drive when we're hungry. The last time we Mary Alice and I went was Monday night. I had the Vermicelli Singapore, which was good but needed a little more spice. Usually I get the Pad Thai, which is outstanding. Mary Alice goes for the Garden Chicken most of the time. I also like their Crab Rangoons, but not as much as the ones at Fu Lai (William Cannon & Hwy 71).

Try it and come back and tell me what you think!

Saigon Kitchen

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"You have found good company - enjoy"

Not exactly the most appropriate sentiment for a guy sitting alone in his office.

It's true that I work for a good company, and I enjoy being here very much. I just find it kind of ironic that this is the first fortune I got from Saigon Kitchen since Brian moved to France.

Saigon Kitchen was our regular lunch spot going back to when he worked at AMD, and he made a point of calling me to get together there fairly regularly even after he went to Motorola. I think it was a combination of it being close (although closer to me than him), good (#52, Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio, baby!), and the fact that there was nothing worth eating near Ed Bluestein.

Anyhow, good meal (although they keep changing the recipe), good memories, odd fortune. Maybe I should try the lottery numbers instead.

Saigon Kitchen

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"No one conquers who doesn't fight."
This is half a late update and half yet another attempt to see if my new ping function is working. I think it will this time; it's amazing what a little ampersand can do.
I think this fortune is for the U.S. as we head into Iraq. Or maybe it's for Saddam. Or maybe it's for neither, but instead intended for North Korea. That would be entirely inappropriate seeing as how this cookie followed Vietnamese food, but you never know.
I guess I need to go pick a fight so the fortune will be used up and we can all just get along.

Firebowl Cafe

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"You are sociable and entertaining"
Damn skippy!
Has anyone else noticed the trend of the fortune-free fortune? The lottery numbers on the back indicate more about your future than the words on the front. Most times I'd rather get "you will meet a dark stranger" than the boring sentiments expressed these days.
But you can't argue with sociable and entertaining.

Saigon Kitchen

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"The riches of others makes you more valuable"

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