give me my tickets, little man

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Something has caused my recent dreams to be much more emotionally charged. I keep waking up with the residual feelings that I've expressed in my sleep.
The last dream I had before waking up was one of standing in line. There was a crowd of well-dressed people in an old theater, so old that it seemed musty. The lines were not well-managed, people kept cutting in front of each other and me. By the time my wife and I got to the counter, we were already concerned about being late for whatever performance it was we were attending.
After shuffling through stacks of tickets and making a phone call, the kid behind the counter informed me that although they had a record of my purchase, my tickets were being held at Will Call in Edna (a small Texas town neighboring my hometown). I assured him (not calmly) that I had explicitly stated that I wanted the tickets held at this location, and I wanted them now.
After I realized getting angry was getting me nowhere (and also after sticking my head through the ticket window and shouting at the employee), I asked for the manager so I could at least be mad at someone in charge.
After about another 10 minutes, the manager finally found our tickets. They were in an envelope with my father-in-law's name on it. For some reason he had used our credit card recently, which transferred all our purchases into his name. The manager gave us a plate of chicken and mashed potatoes to make up for the mistake. We sat down to eat, but I worried the entire time about missing the first part of the show.
We never made it into the theater.


Kenny Rogers said:

Nothing like potatoes and chicken to calm an outraged customer; better yet, chicken and *waffles.*

elphaba said:

I recently tried your greymatter mod for the popup comments. Everything seems to be working fine, but I was wondering why I can't put the previous comments up above the form. When I try that, there's a 'null' comment left by 'null'. Is there some way to change this so I can get the comments on the same page as the comment form? I know absolutely nothing about cgi and perl programming, so I can't fix it myself. Thanks in advance. ^_^

tkaspar said:

Ok, I have a mod that seems to be working now...I'll send you an email with the info.

Hans Reinsprectchen said:

Sounds to me like your dream is indicating that you have buried years of abuse in your subconsious.

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