gravel roads, magic knives, and peproni rolls

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Last night's dream was rather epic. The thread tying everything together was that I was some heroic character, pursuing some characters but being chased by others trying to keep me from achieving my destiny.
There were many separate vignettes:
Driving my car down a gravel road, losing control many times. My car had been hit in the parking lot (or I'd wrecked it before parking) and both fenders as well the rear end had been seriously damaged.
Attending a concert of some washed up 70's band and being robbed while there. Deciding to go to Double Dave's afterward for peproni rolls.
Driving through the streets of Mexico City trying to lose a car that was tailing me. Parking in the garage of some combined shopping center/hotel and getting a room in an attempt to escape the hoods that were trying to kill me. The hotel room was where I finally obtained the magic knife. It was some four-bladed device that was infinitely sharp. Once I got my hands on it, my enemies became much more cooperative.


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