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"The riches of others makes you more valuable"

We'll ignore the grammar issues, as is always necessary when dealing with these things, and go straight to the concept.
This was a pretty funny fortune to receive today, as I was having lunch with a friend who's about to go to France for an extended period of time. Some of his "riches" that could make me "more valuable" as long term loans:

  • a widescreen TV (that unfortunately won't fit well in my living room)
  • a very nice table saw
  • an equally nice miter saw
  • a router
  • his house (well, not really, but it's worth a try. At least then I'd have somewhere to put the TV)

My other thought on today's fortune was, "the riches of others do make you more valuable...if you're a THIEF!"


romero said:

I got this same fortune and tried to figure it out but i also came with the same answer the riches of others only make you more valuable if you're a theif.

natalie said:

I have to say, I've had the same fortune. There's a meaning behind "The riches of others makes you more valuable". It sounds like its trying to say, "It's not who you are, it's who you know."

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