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It's good to have goals...

I just signed up for the Lance Armstrong Foundation's Ride for the Roses. I'm currently in the 25 mile, 2-3 hour group. I hope to do better than that, but Mary Alice helped me realize that signing up for 40 miles with less than two months to train, conflicts with a class weekend, and a football game on October 16th might be a bad idea.

If anyone out there would like to make a donation to the cause, they can do so here. I'm fully paid up, but I know the Foundation appreciates any support it can get.

I'm looking forward to my first organized ride, as well as making my own little contribution to cancer survivorship and research.


pmg said:

Good luck on the roses ride. I was about to sign up, then found out Bicycle Sport Shop had rented out all of their road bikes, and I'm tired of doing road runs on my mtb. I easily get 5 mph more on a road bike. It's like cheating.

have fun.

Travis said:

Thanks, I'm looking forward to it. Although I wonder what it's going to be like to ride with hundreds (thousands?) of people. My guess is cramped and crazy.

The difference between the two types of bikes is much larger than I would have guessed. I used to ride my MTB around the neighborhood, but I haven't been on it once since buying the Fuji. I just wish from time to time that I had a third front gear on it.

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