Even the spammers know I have a birthday coming up

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Got the following notices in a message titled "Enjoy your lifetime".

Since the 21 age, your physical structure tardily arrests carries out a grave internal secretion known as Soul Growth Internal Secretion. The reduction of it, which governs grades of another hormones in your physical structure is directly answerable for many of the most usual markings of growing old, for example wrinkles, white hair, sinked power, and lessened sexual purpose.

After the 25 age, our physical structure slowly arrests releasing a grave hormone known as Somebody Increase Hormone. The diminution of it, that adapts grades of another hormones in the physical structure is immediately liable for many of the most ordinary markings of geezerhood, as crinkles, white hair, decreased power, and diminished intimate function.

I thought I'd felt my power decreasing. Now at least I know why.

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