I wish I was a graphic designer

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Because then I might have more creative ideas for my site design. I guess it's supposed to work the other way around, though.
I'm not unhappy with things now (other than needing to finish setting up my photo galleries), it's just that I roam the web and see lots of cool pages that I have no clue how to implement and make me wish I could come up with those things myself.
I expect there will be some changes over the next few months; I really want to make things more robust and handle most browsers reasonably well. I also want to be cool, damnit.


peter said:

simple designs ARE cool,and your design is also cool.

tkaspar said:

Thanks for the compliment.
I think the biggest part of my call for change is just a desire to learn some new techniques, and learn them thoroughly.
I have a tendency to grab bits and pieces of things I like, but never really get in depth. My software is usually the same way.
My goals for a redesign:
try to reduce the number of image links - I love the typewriter font, but I don't want to overdo it.
use a lot more CSS and get rid of unnecessary tables.
actually run things through a validator.
and keep looking cool.

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