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== Shoal Creek Shootout.

I had a lot more fun on yesterday's ride than I did watching the Red River Shootout today.

Take from this what you will, but when I got my first "Shoal Creek Shootout" email from the UT Cycling Team, I thought it was a Friday ride from campus to the Shoal Creek Saloon for happy hour.

No such luck, but just about as enjoyable. As it turns out, the SCSO is a ride from Gregory Gym to the real Shoal Creek, and a series of sprints down Great Northern. Yesterday I learned that I am not a sprinter. I got smoked by everyone on the ride - Ernie, Chris Case, and David. I couldn't even catch Alfonso on the last go-round. Hopefully after a few months/years of practice and training I can be competitive, but I can tell I have a long way to go.

I also forgot my HRM strap and the head of my cycling computer, so I have only a guess on the distance - ~25 miles from campus and back.


Rott said:

Man, I need to get in on this UT Cycling Club thing.. You gotta be a student for that?

tkaspar said:

You have to be a student to be a bonafide member, but I'm pretty sure you could show up for a ride and no one would say anything. I'll ask at the meeting tonight.

The only real issue is that the schedules revolve around "student time" and I think the evening rides are going to start at 4 p.m. once daylight savings is over.

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