Friday Five

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1. What did you have for breakfast this morning? If you didn't have breakfast, why not?
I had a pancake, half a link of sausage, a bacon and egg breakfast taco with pico de gallo, two cups of coffee and two glasses of OJ.
This morning was a "birthday celebration" for co-workers born in January and February. Usually we just have donuts or bagels on Friday, but today I got to grub.
2. What's your favorite cereal?

Although I ran across this when searching for a picture of the box:
"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that Kellogg USA has recalled a limited number of Kellogg's® Cracklin' Oat Bran® cereal products because they may contain undeclared egg, milk or soybeans and a limited number of Kellogg's® Smart Start® cereal club store packs because they may contain undeclared almonds and milk."
3. How often do you eat out? Do you want that to change?
Three to seven times a week. I like to eat, so I don't really want it to change that much. I also like to cook, but it conflicts with my current laziness.
4. What do you plan on having for dinner tonight? Got a recipe for that?
Whiskey and coke. Mix equal parts whiskey and coke in glass with ice, stir, and enjoy.
I am chef'ing it up tomorrow night, making some red beans and rice and seafood gumbo. This will be my first take on the gumbo, so wish me luck.
5. What's your favorite restaurant? Why?
Hmm, that's tough. It really depends on what I'm in the mood for. I'd say two of my top choices are Austin Land & Cattle Company and Dirty Martin's Place.


Brian said:

The seafood gumbo was excellent!

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